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Disinfection of dry industries

In some industries, such as paper making or the production of bread and sweets, where the processing of products must be done in dry environments away from moisture, the issue of disinfection will be a challenge!

Usually in such conditions, special offers are offered according to the need of that industry for disinfection, in which Arian Tejarat Company has a high experience and operational capacity.

One of the common methods of disinfection in such situations is the use of disinfectant solutions that evaporate quickly after removing microbial agents and no trace of them remains in the environment. The use of special devices for disinfection of production line conveyors, which are dried after spraying the solution, can also be used in dry industries. The use of dry fog with rapid evacuation from the environment is also commonly used as an effective method in disinfecting the environment of food factories. Of course, the use of a device that produces real and effective dry fog and disinfects it without wetting the environment is the most important condition for using this method that the environment disinfection device produced by Arian Tejarat Company is based on this design principle. And produced.

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